A slice of data at a specified time​

InfinSlice is an enhancement to InfinSnap that enables you to sample data from a period of time in your bucket and process data that is streaming continuously into your S3 bucket by repeatedly calling for slices of data. 


A slice of data within a snapshot between a start time and an end time.​

InfinSlice provides instant access to data ingested between a start time and an end time. Data Drift Protection is enabled by providing the ability to take slices of data and retraining/checking for Data Drift. Continuous Training or Incremental Training can also be done using new data.

Infinite Snapshots of Data

Consistent snapshot view of data for applications including ML Training

Consistency is Key

Ingested programs can continue to create objects in the bucket, read applications, and see a consistent view

Reproducible ML Training

Reproducible ML Training is finally possible, because you can re-run the training against the same snapshot

Quantify Model Performance

Test multiple models against the same snapshot of data to quantify model performance