InfinStor is sold as a subscription Software as a Service, through the AWS Marketplace. Three editions are available:

  1. InfinStor Starter, with MLflow — Free
    • Capture transforms from JupyterLab using the InfinStor sidebar and execute these transforms in the cloud of your choice
    • Schedule transforms for periodic runs in the cloud
    • Full MLflow functionality, as a managed service in the cloud
  2. InfinStor Premium — 90-day free trial, then $4 per Terabyte per month
    • Adds InfinSnap, the ability to snapshot Cloud Object Stores
    • Adds InfinSlice, the ability to read slices of data ingested between a start and an end time
  3. InfinStor Enterprise — Contact
    • All the functionality of InfinStor Premium, installed and operated in your own cloud account.
  • Starter
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
Basic version of InfinStor with limited features
Full version of InfinStor with all features unlocked
Full version of InfinStor with options for enterprise
MLflow Integration
Model ProvenanceInfinSnapInfinSnap
Data Drift ProtectionInfinSliceInfinSlice
TransformationsInline, Single VM, EMRInline, Single VM, EMR
Service ModeMulti-Tenant SaaSMulti-Tenant SaaSSingle-Tenant SaaS in customer AWS account
Customer ServiceEmail, Docs, SlackEmail, Docs, Slack, PhoneEmail, Docs, Slack, Phone
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