Data Management Platform for Machine Learning

InfinStor adds Storage Intelligence to your ML Training Data

InfinStor provides an intelligent storage layer cloud service for Machine Learning training workloads

InfinStor is powered by InfinSnap - fine grained snapshot technology for data in S3 buckets

Machine Learning training is performed against consistent read-only snapshots of the data. ML models are reproducible, since they can be repeated against the same snapshot any number of times.

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We are available as a subscription service purchased through AWS marketplace. It is pay per use, billed monthly with no long term contract.

Our Products

Add InfinSnap fine grained snapshots to your Analytics/ML data


Fine Grained Snapshots for your Machine Learning data

InfinSnap for

InfinSnap for S3 provides 'whole-bucket' fine grained snapshots. Your ML Training tools and Hive tables will see consistent views of the entire bucket at any chosen point in time