Machine Learning Reimagined

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What is InfinStor?

The fastest way to get your machine learning models into production.

InfinStor provides the ability to snapshot, version, and transform your training data which enables faster iterations and enhances data scientist and data engineer productivity to create accurate models, deploy them into production and monitor them after deployment.

Train and deploy deep learning models faster

InfinStor storage innovations help you iterate faster on larger datasets and produce more accurate models

Automated protection against Data Drift through InfinSlice

Once deployed, automatically monitor your model for Data Drift using our patent pending storage innovation InfinSlice

Enable Data Provenance

Author transformations in Jupyter notebook cells and then apply them in a scale out architecture to InfinSnap snapshots for perfect data provenance

MLflow integration to Manage Machine Learning workflow  

InfinStor extensions to industry standard mlflow enable you to manage the complete deep learning workflow

"Artificial intelligence and machine learning are important technologies for modern enterprises to be competitive."

Jagane Sundar
Co-Founder and CEO
InfinStor, Inc.

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