Machine Learning Reimagined

InfinStor provides the ability to snapshot, version, and transform your training data which enables faster iterations and enhances data scientist and data engineer productivity to create accurate models, deploy them into production and monitor them after deployment.

Over 60% of machine learning projects do not reach production.
InfinStor can solve this problem.

Join us to learn how InfinStor supports the end-to-end machine learning workflow.  

  • Model Development by Data Scientists quickly iterating over large datasets
  • Model Deployment using standards based MLflow with InfinStor extensions
  • Model Data Drift Tracking to ensure that models in production are performing as designed
  • Model Provenance for regulatory or A/B testing purposes

Train and deploy deep learning models faster

InfinStor storage innovations help you iterate faster on larger datasets and produce more accurate models

Automated protection against Data Drift through InfinSlice

Once deployed, automatically monitor your model for Data Drift using our patent pending storage innovation InfinSlice

Enable Data Provenance

Author transformations in Jupyter notebook cells and then apply them in a scale out architecture to InfinSnap snapshots for perfect data provenance

MLflow integration to Manage Machine Learning workflow  

InfinStor extensions to industry standard mlflow enable you to manage the complete deep learning workflow

Choose the perfect plan for your needs

InfinStor is available in three different versions: Starter, Premium, and Enterprise.

  • Starter
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
Basic version of InfinStor with limited features
Full version of InfinStor with all features unlocked
Full version of InfinStor with options for enterprise
MLflow Integration
Model ProvenanceInfinSnapInfinSnap
Data Drift ProtectionInfinSliceInfinSlice
TransformationsInline, Single VM, EMRInline, Single VM, EMR
Service ModeMulti-Tenant SaaSMulti-Tenant SaaSSingle-Tenant SaaS in customer AWS account
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